About Patchwork Farms CSA:

On our farm we are committed to regenerative practice to grow especially nutrient dense and deeply flavorful varieties.  You will notice right away that our vegetables are much tastier and will last much longer than anything you can get at any grocery store. Our CSA shares serve individuals and couples who eat loads of vegetables, 4-person households of busy adults, as well as 4-person families. CSA pickup takes place at the farm, located at 2825 W. Chicago Ave., from mid-May through October. You have from 10am Saturday until 10am Tuesday to get your veggie share each week. If you’re a southsider, we offer pickup on Friday evenings at the Plant located at 1400 W 46th St. 


We are committed to food access for all who need it! We offer a Sliding-Scale program for our CSA. SIGNUP HERE!!



The Classic CSA Share spring fare includes:  salad greens, a bunch of root vegetables, a bunch of cooking greens, sprouting broccoli or cabbage; and something exciting like herbs, onions or rhubarb. A typical share in the summer includes a similar collection as a spring share plus tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, summer squash, sweet corn, eggplants, green beans and/or okra.  As the summer cools off, you will also receive garlic, sweet potatoes, and winter squash. The Classic CSA Share costs $840. (25 weeks, May 29th – Oct 30th)


The Unlimited Share opens a week earlier than the Classic CSA and goes 2 weeks longer to close just before Thanksgiving (with the farmers taking a couple weeks off in mid Nov) The Unlimited includes a Classic Share portion of veggies in addition to VIP access to any additional farmstand veggies throughout the season. Supporting the farm at this level is the backbone of how we are able to offer the sliding-scale to community members facing food insecurity while also supporting our farmers with a living wage! The Unlimited Share costs $1680. 


The Salad Share is a paired down version of the Classic CSA to focus on our LEGENDARY salad mixes! Our flavorful and healthy array of leaves have inspired chefs to switch careers and become farmers and created mind blowing meals to always remember. This share will keep your salad fix in check throughout the week with an array of greens mixes, lettuce heads and some additional roots and fruits to create salads to die for! The Salad Share costs $600. (25 weeks, May 29th – Oct 30th)


The Unlimited Salad Share opens a week earlier than the Salad Share and goes 2 weeks longer to just before Thanksgiving (with the farmers taking a couple weeks off in mid Nov) The Unlimited includes a regular Salad Share portion of veggies in addition to VIP access to any additional Farmstand veggies through the season. The Unlimited Salad Share costs $1200. (28 weeks, May – Thanksgiving) 


The Tomato Share America’s favorite vegetable is a standout all on it’s own. Each week during August and September several pounds of tomatoes both big and small for fresh eating and saucing will be set aside for you alone (unless you decide to share them)! Classic Red, Giant Juicy, Heirlooms, Candy Pop Cherries! Eat them, freeze them, sauce them, roast them and make it through the year Tom Style! The Tomato Share costs $300. (8 weeks, August and September)

Add-On GOODIES for the CSA…
  • Flowers $300 (8 weeks through the summer as they bloom)
  • Eggs one dozen $190 (25 weeks)
  • 1/2 Dozen Eggs $95 (25 weeks)
  • Pasture Raised Meat from the lovely Mint Creek Farm 1lb $14, 2LB $28, 3LB $39, 4LB $48 (we’ll get you in contact with Mint Creek to arrange how many LBs of meat you’ll pickup weekly at Patchwork)
  • Culinary Herb $155 (25 weeks)
  • Medicinal Herbs $180 (3 tutorial workshops in the herb garden to learn about the bundles of herbs you’ll take home and how to use them)
  • Smoking Mix $30 (Mullen, Sage, Mugwart and with or without homegrown heirloom organic tobacco) each tin rolls 60 smokes
  • Canning Tomato Sauce Old World Farmers Recipe $60 (tutorial class on the farm)
  • Cut and Arrange Flowers $60 (tutorial class on the farm)





More About Our Farm:

Chicago Patchwork Farms is a sliding-scale-pay-what-you-can vegetable farm dedicated to transforming contaminated city land into biodiverse ecosystems, while increasing accessibility to healthy food in economically and environmentally distressed neighborhoods. Over 10 tons of nutrient dense and culturally significant vegetables are produced annually, as well as medicinal herbs, preserves, honey, flowers and eggs.

Additionally, the farm provides a habitat for native pollinators, outdoor gathering and compost drop-off for the surrounding community. It’s a place where city folk otherwise removed from agriculture can see organic farming practices in action and get to know the farmers who produce their food. Patchwork is a living resource that teaches people about the importance of food sovereignty and the power of regenerative agriculture.

Our mission is to provide equal access to fresh organic produce regardless of income, especially as more community members face food insecurity due to covid-19. This season, we are prioritizing low-to-no-cost options for BIPOC families while also focusing on paying our famers a living wage. 


Take a YouTube tour of the farm!!