The Great Migration

of soil is coming to an end this weekend. We are just a few beds away from having all of our soil moved to the garden on Chicago Avenue. It has been a lot of fun, but it will be such a relief to be done and be able to focus on growing vegetables again. Thanks to Christy Webber Landscape, we have been able to use an amazing dump truck with a lift gate for the past 2 weekends, which has made everything much easier. It also has a nice, loud stereo so we’ve been able to shovel along to all of the hits. Katie and I both agreed that we are going to miss working in Garfield Park. The neighbors have been really supportive and people are always stopping by to chat which made us feel at home there. I felt like that garden turned an empty lot into something beautiful, and now it’s going to be just another empty lot again. If the owners sell or develop it, I hope it becomes something useful and beautiful for the community.  Luckily, the landowner of the space on Chicago has been really supportive of our expansion and our future plans for the site. After this weekend, we can really focus on all of the neat projects we’ve been starting. We’ve just been lucky enough to have a bunch of fresh cut logs delivered to us from a local tree service which will become part of our mushroom garden. We have a nice shady spot in the southeast corner that will be the future home of these delicious fungi. Meanwhile we have been busy planting our onion starts, starting seeds in the hoophouse, and getting ready for our first CSA on May 2nd. We are just now realizing how ambitious this date is, considering the last frost date is right around this time. We’ve been super busy covering and uncovering the plants, trying to keep them safe through the cold Spring nights. Running a farm is about careful planning, but also knowing when to experiment and when to take risks. Sometimes these things pay off and sometimes they fail. And sometimes it hails. For every unfortunate event we’ve had, there’s always been something positive that comes along soon after. Thank you to everyone who has helped us along the way.


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