Dirt Moving Party!

This weekend we had a great time (at least I thought it was) moving 1/4 of the dirt from our St Louis Ave garden to our Chicago Ave garden!   With the amazing help from the landowner of the Chicago Ave garden, Sam, and his friend Stuart we were able to nearly continuously fill and haul dirt using a large dump trailer and large dump truck all day Saturday.  We had help from soooo many awesome friends, and did all the work using only shovels, wheel barrows and ramps.  We also had pie, crackers, cheese, a puppy, chips, a dirt jump, and a pretty good time on a nice day.

It rained Sunday morning so since the dirt was too wet to move, a group of us got together and readied rest of the garden to be moved.  We picked all the plants out, moved all the bricks to the side, and found the edges of the fabric the garden is built on top of.   That work will make the next dirt moving party run even smoother.

We’re hoping that we have only 3 more days of dirt moving ahead of us.  Then we probably have a full week of bed building at the Chicago Ave garden.

Check our facebook page for more info on our next dirt moving parties:

Also, if anyone took any pictures that day, please send them to us.  Thanks to Kim for these:

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